Learn How to Have an Impactful Message on Podcasts and Online TV Channels

Learn to communicate your strategy in terms: past, present, future and the means and values ​​to achieve it.

  • Identify key messages
  • Identify what you want to communicate and what you do not want to communicate

Know your leadership style and your way of making decisions.

Ensure that your speech appeals to the different psychological profiles. Practice talking to talking and integrating your message to people different to you so everyone feels heard.

  • Make your comments more relevance to the listener while reducing your stress, and have a better control of your voice, etc.) Adapt your messages so it is the most impactful within the media world.

Speaking techniques:

  • Control of gestures, voice, positioning in space
  • Refine the key messages
  • Refine what you want to communicate and what you don’t want to communicate and bring the reporter to the desired topic.

Work on the substance of the speech:

  • Mastery of the triptych: “target, message, image”
  • Mastery of strategic angles and structuring your speech and arguments

Practice (recording and debriefing):

  • You make your statement in front of a video camera.
  • Debriefing: report on the strengths and weaknesses encountered, review the role of the message, its development and its illustration.
  • Fine-tuning of the speech and the message, repetition of the declaration integrating remarks and comments

The interview: (recording and debriefing)

  • The participant answers a series of questions.
  • Debriefing: strengths, difficulties encountered, points for possible improvement of the messages and illustrations of these messages in terms of content and form.