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Coaching Global Leaders in Transition Webinar


Amid accelerating change managers and leaders are in a cycle of change or instigating change. In this course, you will learn how to coach individual, managers and leaders in transition from one job to another or after a promotion or when expatriating or repatriating. Real case studies will be used to learn how to coach managers and leaders in different types of transitions. Models, tips, strategies, and templates will be shared to support your coaching managers through different types of change.

Managing Brilliant Jerks

Managing Brilliant Jerks (Bundle of 25)

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Whether you are an executive coach, a human resources professional, a manager, or an employee with a difficult boss, Managing Brilliant Jerks provides resources to help you work more effectively with abrasive leaders.

Transforming Brilliant Jerks


With this coaching course, brilliant but difficult leaders will develop their interpersonal skills while generating great results.

  • Feel confident coaching strong and powerful leaders.
  • Acquire a tried and tested coaching process that works to transform difficult leaders into inspiring ones.
  • Learn to coach challenging managers with ease.
  • Able to craft a compelling coaching proposal and demand higher prices.
  • Learn to research how the difficult leader is perceived and debrief it with the leader to create a Aha insight that changes the leaders perspective
  • How to add EQ (Emotional Intelligence to the leader’s IQ (Intellectual Quotent)