One-on-One Coaching Leverages Your Strengths to Overcome Challenges and Achieving Excellence Within Your Team


You are in one of the most vital roles of your organization. You are the decision-maker.

  • Without you, the organization would not function in the same way.
  • You have a vision for your company’s future. You want to do everything you can to get your team on board.
  • Excellent communication skills are essential to get your team on the same page.
  • You must create a positive and impactful work environment to motivate and commit to your team. Your team has hidden potential. 
  • We will help you unleash it with our Pinnacle Programs that ensure excellence within your team.
  • We offer tried, tested, customized, and personalized coaching to leverage your professional Brilliance.

Our coaching programs help you achieve and strive toward Excellence.

These tailored coaching solutions are designed to amplify your personal and professional achievements.

  • Global Leaders in Transition: Navigating Change with Grace
    Master the art of leadership transition and emerge as a global influencer.
  • Transforming Brilliant JerksTM into Inspirational Leaders
    Harnessing the potential of your top talent and transforming them into charismatic and influential leaders.
  • Board Membership Program: Elevate Your Boardroom Impact
    Elevate your presence and influence in the realm of board governance.

Our Pinnacle Programs:

Customized Excellence: Personalized Coaching for Professional Brilliance

Tailored coaching solutions designed to amplify your personal and professional achievements.

Who Is It For

  • The Gold Program is for you if you are an HR Managing Partner, Leader, Vice President, Senior VP, or CEO.
  • You want a sparring partner to craft a strategic vision aligned with your company’s mission that inspires your team. 
  • You crave an objective sounding board to challenge your assumptions, validate your direction, and support you in achieving your goals.
  • You want an impartial sparring partner to challenge your thinking and support you in reaching your goals.

What You Want To Know:

  • How do you stop feeling overwhelmed with the downsizing and reorganization required?
  • What is the easiest way to make your team and organization more performance-oriented?
  • How do you develop and retain talent?
  • How do you share difficult messages with the press (without having to write a media script and study it for hours)
  • How do you present a clear end-of-year presentation to employees that is entertaining and informative yet does not communicate the secret parts of the strategy? 
  • How do you address the increasing turnover and keep the best talent?
  • How best do you reduce costs? 
  • How best to tell employees they will have to do more with less?
  • How best to review employee core competencies/profiles for your organization’s needs today and in the future?

Our Approach

  • Our leadership coaching engages you in finding your solutions while challenging you to clarify your thoughts and bring your best thinking to the table. 
  • We prepare you to overcome every obstacle and resistance when communicating your strategy.
  • Our leadership coaching helps you focus, structure, and create momentum to achieve your personal and professional goals in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. 
  • We support you emotionally when making difficult decisions. 
  • We are committed to supporting you in every ethical way possible to achieve the planned results faster while leaving you with a greater sense of fulfillment. 
  • Together, we review your strategy and its sustainability for all stakeholders. We enhance your skills in mediating and negotiating conflict and resources.

We help you take your leadership to the next level with an objective, experienced perspective.

Do you want to take your professional life to the next level? Let us examine how.


Who Is It For

  • The Silver Program is for you if you are a seasoned manager who has been crushing it for years.
  • You’ve climbed the ladder, and achieved success, but now… something feels off. 
  • You dream of bigger things, but something’s holding you back.
  • The Silver Program is your roadmap to break through barriers and propel yourself to the next stage.

You Want To Learn:

  • How to thrive in your first job as CEO in a new country and build your leadership gravitas.
  • How to have more time to handle more than crisis situations only.
  • The hidden truths about how to beat overwhelm and not burn out.
  • Why do you have excellent results, but someone else has gotten the desired promotion?
  • Why do you lack influence?
  • How to be 100% sure you are building the right alliances

Our Approach

  • We delve into your professional aspirations and personal vision in a confidential space. 
  • We’ll help you step back, assess your strategies, delegate effectively, and identify limiting beliefs or energy drains.
  • Together, we analyze your role and responsibilities, seeking ways to optimize your approach, maximize your impact, and enhance your leadership effectiveness.
  • But that’s not all. We act as your research team, providing reliable, irrefutable data that empowers you to identify behaviors and choices that propel your career forward or hold you back.
  • We leverage your unique strengths and leadership style to build unwavering confidence. 
  • We tap into your most powerful thinking, learning, and creativity to resolve issues!
  • Beyond strategies, we help you nurture the trust your team places in you, helping you further develop that leadership style that inspires genuine connection and understanding.

Are you ready to master challenges, easily achieve goals, and elevate your leadership to new heights?


Who is it for?

The Bronze Program is for you if you are:

  • manager
  • talent
  • business owner
  • author
  • speaker
  • start-up
  • entrepreneur 
  • Who wants to take stock of their situation and reflect with an experienced sparring partner to gain insight on how to reach the next level towards your goals.

You Want To Learn:

  • How to make the best decisions and never miss an opportunity ever again.
  • How and what does it take to get to the next level?
  • The secret that the top successful 1% do to think more strategically.
  • How to build the right competencies to prepare for your next role.
  • How to build relationships and ensure people will go the extra mile for you.

Our Approach

  • We’ll help you to distill brilliant ideas from tangled thoughts.
  • We’ll give you a neutral sounding board with fresh eyes on your situation. Our seasoned coaches, brimming with business acumen and coaching expertise, are here to help.
  • Confidentiality is our sacred vow. 
  • Trust that your conversations remain locked in absolute secrecy.

Why Invest in Talent Development & Retention?

  • Executive coaching is a powerful talent magnet, fostering customized growth opportunities that keep top performers engaged and energized. 
  • It’s no secret that talent management is a burning subject for HR leaders. 

Research paints a stark picture: within the next five years, 40-70% of senior executives are poised for retirement (Gandossy & Kao, 2004).

  • In our knowledge-driven world, intellectual capital reigns supreme. 
  • Organizations rightly fear the “brain drain” when key players depart, potentially taking vital business knowledge with them (Bannister, 2005). 
  • Yet, high-potential individuals, primed for leadership roles, represent a mere 8-10% of the workforce.
  • Unearthing and retaining these rare gems is a critical mission for companies and their HR champions. 
  • Personalized coaching, tailored to individual needs and aspirations, has proven remarkably effective in retaining top talent and propelling them toward leadership excellence. 

Preserving your talent pool is a strategic imperative, a cornerstone of your competitive edge.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your people? 

Let’s partner for success.


Who Is It For?

  • It is for you if you are a leader who wants to develop leadership agility in a new position or a new role. 
  • It is also for you if you are an expatriate or repatriate, leaving or returning to the country.

You Want To Learn:

  • How to think globally and act locally while accelerating change and globalization.
  • How can you possess the exceptional ability to accelerate business in complex and ambiguous environments?

Our Approach in 90 Days

  • 40% of leaders stumble within 18 months of a new role. We are here to ensure you thrive and not just survive!
  • With a tried and tested 7-step process, we successfully integrate leaders into new positions or roles when expatriating abroad or returning to their country of origin.
  • The first negative impression when entering a new company or taking on a new role can be the future seeds of a leader’s derailment.
  • We research how the leader is perceived early on and throughout the coaching process. If the leader’s behavior clashes with the corporate culture, we inform the leader how s/he is perceived and how to alter negative perceptions. 
  • We offer concrete suggestions on how to thrive within the specific culture.  


We are a catalyst for the leader who wants to know:

  • How to establish a sense of urgency for the necessary changes.
  • How to develop a powerful coalition and reliable alliances.
  • Why and how to clarify the leader’s vision and communicate it most effectively.
  • How to empower stakeholders to act on the vision.
  • How and why you need to create short-term wins.
  • How you can consolidate improvements, create systems, and new approaches as fast as possible.
  • How to create a team with the right competencies for the necessary organizational changes.
  • How to persuade your boss to have a strategic partnership with you.

Are you transitioning into an assignment? 

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Who Is It For

This program is for Brilliant JerksTM who want to improve on their interpersonal skills to have engaged followers and have less turnover.

Your Want To Know:

  • The two easiest ways to manage interpersonal conflicts positively.
  • How to pinpoint and identify difficult behaviors at the workplace that could be destructive for the leader’s reputation.
  • How to distinguish quickly between a demanding leader and a Brilliant JerkTM.
  • The most effective way to review the different leadership styles and how to adjust your leadership style to the person and situation.
  • Why and how to develop your strategy to develop and retain talent.
  • How to reduce the turnover in your unit, sector, or division.

Our Approach

  • As your confidential research partner, we provide irrefutable data revealing what truly impacts your reputation and leadership effectiveness. 
  • No sugarcoating, just actionable insights.
  • We don’t just build confidence; we leverage your unique strengths and style to create a powerful, authentic leadership presence.
  • Breakthrough any barrier. We act as catalysts, igniting your best thinking, learning, and creativity to conquer any challenge you face and address hidden derailers. 
  • We identify behaviors misaligned with your goals and help you transform them into assets that propel you forward.

Ready to take your professional life to the next level? 

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Who Is It For:

  • This program is for CEOs looking to strengthen their alliances with Board Members
  • It’s perfect for those transitioning into Board Member roles, eager to review and refine responsibilities
  • Whether navigating complex political situations or aiming to enhance effectiveness, our program is tailored to meet your needs
  • CEOs facing political tensions or criticism from Board Members can benefit from our coaching

Your Challenges:

  • As a CEO, you may feel bogged down in political tensions with the Board or face criticism from a particular member. 
  • Our coaching can empower you to navigate these challenges, refine your communication, and build stronger alliances.

And for new Board Members:

  • we provide invaluable insights into dynamics, roles, and responsibilities, ensuring you add maximum value from day one.

Our Approach:

Leadership Coaching for CEOs:

Our CEO-focused coaching delves deep into Board dynamics, equipping you with heightened awareness and adaptable leadership styles. 

Through tailored guidance, you’ll refine your communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills, ensuring alignment with key stakeholders and organizational goals.

Guidance for New Board Members:

For those transitioning into Board roles, we offer comprehensive support. 

Gain insights into Board dynamics, receive feedback from seasoned members, and refine your communication strategies for community and media representation. 

Elevate your effectiveness as a communicator aligned with long-term organizational vision.

Bring Your Best Thinking:

We believe in empowering you to find your own solutions while providing expert guidance. 

By challenging you to clarify your thoughts and strategies, we prepare you to overcome obstacles and drive momentum towards your goals.

Focus, Structure, Momentum:

In a rapidly evolving landscape, we help you maintain focus, establish structure, and create momentum. 

From emotional support during tough decisions to enhancing your negotiation skills, we’re committed to helping you achieve results efficiently and ethically.

You are in a tenuous situation with your Board Members or want to succeed in the transition to being a Board Member?