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Interviews on transforming difficult leaders (sometimes called brilliant jerks) to be inspiring leaders. Please click on the button below to listen to Katrina’s interviews.

Leadership IS Podcast

Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Excellent Leaders with Dr. Katrina Burrus, Executive Coach

Transforming brilliant jerks into excellent leaders involves fostering self-awareness, developing emotional intelligence, enhancing communication skills, and ensuring accountability but how many brilliant jerks are willing to acknowledge that’s what they are and are they willing to do the work to be seen otherwise. Hey let’s talk about it.

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Podcast Host Army

Podcast Host Army: Maximum Content, Minimal Effort with Dr. Katrina Burrus

In this episode of Podcast Host Army, Dr. Katrina Burrus, host of two leadership podcasts, discusses her unique strategies for monetizing her shows. She provides free content to a newspaper, repurposes her podcast content into e-books and mini books, and considers hosting an event with her interviewees. These innovative approaches not only attract clients to her coaching practice but also generate income through partnerships. Josh praises Dr. Burrus for her strategies, which aim to expand her client base and offer practical value to her listeners.

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Future of Work Podcast

Welcome to Episode 81 of The Future of Work, the podcast that looks at every aspect of work in the future, featuring industry experts and thought leaders discussing how work is changing and evolving. The Future of Work is NOW.

Today we discuss what it takes to transform your workplace by having your brilliant jerks become inspiring leaders by adding EQ to their IQ. We also see how this tricky issue can create criticism. We can all develop more EQ to be Inspiring Leaders.

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Aim to Win Podcast

Managing Brilliant Jerks with Katrina Burrus

Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching LLC , is known for “Fast-tracking leaders to the C-Suite and Beyond “and for “Transforming Brilliant Jerks Into Inspiring Leaders. “Clients often comment that working With Katrina enlightens leaders to empower co-workers to walk the extra mile.

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Rebel HR Podcast

Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders with Katrina Burrus Ph.D.

Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO/founder of Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, is known for “Fast-tracking leaders to the C-Suite and Beyond and for “Transforming Brilliant Jerks into Inspiring Leaders.” She is a keynote speaker and published, “Managing Brilliant Jerks” and, “Global Leadership” a body of work used by Nestle, Novartis, the World Health Organization, the International Labor Organization, the United Nations, and many more.

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3PL Live Podcast

Brilliant Jerks with Katrina Burrus Ph.D.

We all have worked with high-performing bosses with low emotional intelligence. Katrina Burrus Ph.D. affectionately coins these folks brilliant jerks. In this episode, we explore why brilliant jerks end up the way they’re. Burrus works with these leaders to become more self-aware on the way they impact staff. Ultimately, giving the leaders softer skills to better connect with their staff.

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Happiness at Work Podcast

Happiness at Work Podcast with Alex Bratty

We all know that people join companies and leave bad bosses. So, how do you deal with those leaders who are great at what they do, but just don’t inspire their teams? This week’s guest calls those leaders “brilliant jerks,” and she knows exactly how to convert them into positive leaders who motivate and engage employees. Tune in to hear Dr. Katrina Burrus’s secrets for how you can start transforming your organization’s brilliant jerks!

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The Manage to Win Podcast

The Manage 2 Win Podcast with David Russell

Transforming a superstar who offends others can be quite a challenge. That’s why many large corporations and nimble smaller organizations call the good doctor for her analytical, proven approach to help any superstar crush their bad habits so they can fully achieve their potential. Join our discussion to hear how she does it.

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DreamBiz Blog

Dream Business Radio #417 with Captain Jim Palmer

On this week’s Dream Business Radio Show, I interview the Founder and CEO Excellent Coaching LLC, Dr. Katrina Burrus. Dr. Burris is known for “fast tracking leaders to the C-suite and beyond” and for “Transforming brilliant jerks into inspiring leaders. This is a high-power interview.

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The Minding Your Business Podcast

The Minding Your Business Podcast with Ron “Champ” Brooks

Dr. Katrina Burrus, P.h.D., MCC of Excellent Executive Coaching

Dr. Katrina joins this episode to discuss operational development, defines what a “brilliant jerk” is in the workplace, the importance of culture in any organization, her podcast and books, and an inspirational best practice that will be beneficial to you!

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The Transformative Leader Podcast

The Transfomative Leadership with Amir Ghannad

“Working with Brilliant Jerks” – An Interview with Dr. Katrina Burrus

In this episode, Amir talks with speaker, author, and master coach, Katrina Burrus, about the psychology of “brilliant jerks,“ how to effectively work with them, and how to support them in making the leap to become inspiring leaders.

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Work-Life Brilliance Podcast

The Work-Life Balance with Jennifer R. Green

“The Redemption of Jerks: An Interview with Dr. Katrina Burrus”

#059: Listen in on this interview with Dr. Katrina Burrus, who specializes in coaching & rehabilitating jerks.

Most of us know what it feels like to work for a jerk. The costs are high: costs to the bottom line, productivity, morale. And working for a jerk can literally make us ill. But what does it take to actually turn a jerk into an inspirational leader? Find out in this episode.

If you work for a jerk…or are are ruthless to yourself–beating yourself up on a regular basis–you can take the Self-Awareness program, and in a few hours turn from victim to a calm, productive powerhouse.

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Money Savage Podcast

Money Savage podcast by George Grombacher

“Brilliant Jerks with Dr. Katrina Burrus”

On this episode of Money Savage ENGAGE, we talked about what to do when a brilliant person in an organization also happens to be a jerk, the danger of doing nothing, and how to help that person develop awareness, increase emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, with Dr. Katrina Burrus, CEO of Excellent Executive Coaching, speaker, author and podcast host. Listen to learn a process for successfully dealing with difficult people in your workplace! For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:15!

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