“I loved the strategic planning exercise that Katrina and I are doing together every 6 months to look at the vision and objectives and the steps to get there and to ensure that all the team is on board. I also really really appreciated Katrina’s advice on how to manage conflicts within the department and how to overcome my stress and fears. I feel much more confident now. What I particularly liked with Katrina’s coaching style is that she adjusted the calendar and activities (and exercises) to my needs. The coaching was therefore not only useful for me but also for the Flagship program and the organization.”

— Valérie Schmitt, ILO Branch Manager

“I would like to say an enormous THANK YOU !!to my coach, Katrina, for her insight, professional capabilities and fervent support throughout the most difficult moment in my entire professional career. The “moment” isn’t over but, due to her and what she has taught me, I have built my personal barometer that is aware and monitors my ability to remain alert, strategic in preparing myself, my allies and work at grooming new ones. She has enhanced my capability to trust myself to know what’s best and to work at making it happen! Katrina is a superb and talented coach and business professional! Continued success to her and MKB Excellent Executive Coaching!”

— Senior Executive at PHILIP MORRIS

“Dr Katrina Burrus has very well developed coaching skills. She is attentive to individual needs and is good at helping her client to develop an objective understanding of how different management styles and strategies can be brought to bear upon a particular set of problems. Her approach to coaching combines careful listening with sound advice. She brings to bear a range of expertise and resources without resorting to set formulae.”

— A member of the secretariat of UNHCR

“The coach appeared to be very experienced and knowledgeable in her field and had a lot to bring to the table. Our debriefing session proved useful at many levels and I believe that it will lead to some positive changes.”

— A member of the secretariat of UNHCR

“I met Katrina when I was already thinking of changing my way of living, but I was still so much involved in my career that it was not possible for me to take the necessary distance. I was alone in a foreign country and I was suffering from a very tough boss. My private life was inexistent due to the enormous mass of work I had to do. I started to be able to think about another life with Katrina’s support and when the changes happened, in a very hard way, I was able to leave and to start another life without being depressed. She helped me to analyze all the possible alternatives and to make the best choice for my personal balance.”

— Administrative Director, CEO of Orange in a European country

“An extremely professional and yet friendly and empathetic approach to coaching, with the ability to be firm when necessary. Extremely generous with time and resources making one feel valued and secure in the knowledge that someone is there behind the scenes if necessary.”

— Member of the Secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies