Episode 08: 50 Successful Years of Leadership @Nestle Mr. Brabeck, Chairman

Episode 08: 50 Successful Years of Leadership @Nestle Mr. Brabeck, Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe discuss macroeconomic trends as well as his career at Nestle when interviewed by Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC. Who is Peter Brabeck? Peter Brabeck joined Nestlé in 1968 in Austria as a salesman, later becoming a specialist for new products. His career within the…

Episode 05: From Failure to Leadership Success: Swiss International Airlines

Episode 05: From Failure to Leadership Success: Swiss International Airlines with Lorenzo Stoll If Swissair went bankrupt in the past, Swiss International Airlines in Swiss Romand is beginning to thrive with Lorenzo Stoll and stay tuned, it is just the beginning.  Dr. Katrina Burrus asked what does he attribute some of his leadership success at Swiss…

Episode 04: Saving Children with Seth Berkley CEO of GAVI

Seth Berkley answers what led him to become the successful leader he is as CEO of GAVI the Vaccine Alliance while answering the following questions. What is your leadership Strategy? What is one trait you possess that makes you an effective leader? Can you tell us a story of how you used that trait to build success? What were some of your most difficult challenges in your career and how did you overcome them? Take us to your biggest failure? What is one key takeaway from that experience, that drove you to success?

Episode 03: How to Build a Successful International Law Practice

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC ask Mr. Xavier Oberson what he attributes his success to in Building a Successful International Law Practice? “Express your knowledge in a simple way,” says Xavier Oberson. “Take a niche market aspect of law and develop it to an International level.” “What made you so well known?” I like to entertain and teach. Playing music, teaching and speaking at conferences is entertainment. ” “I do it in a humble and entertaining way but with good content and I use anecdotes to teach.”

Episode 02: Leading Swiss Private Banks

Charles de Boissezon has taken over as CEO of Geneva headquartered Hinduja Bank, a Private Bank, and brings with him 37 years of International banking experience in London, Hong Kong, New York, Geneva, Chile, and Jersey. Charles is both French and British. He grew up in Vietnam and Hong Kong and spent his formative years in Geneva attending the College de Leman School. He then left for the USA to earn his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Episode 01: Leadership Advice from the Director General at CERN with Dr. R. Heuer

Have you ever questioned the nature of existence? Have you wondered how it all started and what secrets the Universe holds? For most of us, these matters are beyond our comprehension and yet these are questions scientists at CERN are exploring. CERN is the world’s leading research body for particle physics. Some questions asked to the Director General of CERN, Dr. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, is what does he attribute his successful leadership to?