EEC 189: How To Make A Plan To Achieve The Financial Year Of Your Dreams with Mark Butler

Mark Butler is the founder of the accounting startup Let’s Do the Books, as well as the bookkeeper, CFO, and confidante to top online entrepreneurs like Brooke Castillo. Before working in finance, Mark co-founded three online businesses that brought in close to $2 million in total revenue. Today, Mark combines his business savvy with his certification in life coaching to help business owners take control of their finances and work through the shame and anxiety that almost always comes up when dealing with money.

EEC 188: Lead From Within with Elie Dagher

Elie Dagher is a Lebanese entrepreneur, business coach, and founder of Lead From Within. In the last couple of years, Elie has been invited as a guest teacher in universities and start-up incubators in the US and the Middle East (of which for example Columbia University). He has also been coaching high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs since 2016, ranging from CEOs to mid-managers from companies such as Facebook, Goldman Sachs, BCG.

EEC 187: How Do You Win High-Stakes Presentations with Ed Tate

Ed Tate is an award-winning international keynote speaker, trainer, and author. To date, he has spoken professionally in 50 states, 25 countries, and on five continents. Using the principles he teaches, Ed Tate won the “American Idol of Public Speaking”. He became the 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking – Toastmasters International’s most prestigious speaking award among its 357,000+ members.

EEC 183: When in a Crisis – Key communication Tips by Anthony Hayes

THI founder Anthony Hayes has spent more than 18 years in communications, crisis and issue management and political and legislative campaigns. A seasoned C-level advisor, Anthony has cultivated an energetic, fast-growing company now trusted to execute strategy for prominent clients around the globe. He’s served leaders at the highest levels including presidential candidates, members of the U.S. Cabinet, governors and other elected officials, C-Suite executives, law enforcement officials, and high-ranking health and legal professionals.

EEC 182: How To Think Differently About Creating And Keeping Real Estate Wealth With Sarah Poynton-Ryan

Sarah Poynton-Ryan is an award winning entrepreneur, who believes in a world where people wake up in a safe, warm, comfortable bed. A property entrepreneur & investor turned business mentor has always been a grafter and high achiever. After her first business venture almost ruined her financially she turned things around when she took control and launched her current property & education businesses. Sarah is an independent female voice in a very male dominated industry globally. Sarah is living proof that it is possible to fail your way to success and that when you make a choice, and you mean it anything is possible.

EEC 181: Leadership in My Opinion by Maya Roffler

Maya Roffler has been in a leadership role for over ten years in corporate America as well as small startups. She feels extremely passionate about leading women and has found great success in her career. She has worked in corporate retail, startups, and the event production space for most of her career. Maya has led teams larger than a hundred and enjoys the challenge of bringing together a remote team. Her goal is to assist in creating successful individuals and that is different for every direct report.