EEC 115: Artificial Intelligence and How It Can Help Coaching

Ross Ingram is an award-winning technologist known for launching category-defining products. As part of the early team at Sphero, he helped grow to over two-million robots around the world alongside the Star Wars and Disney brands. His contributions to advancing technology and STEM in the classroom have been recognized by leaders in the education industry, including President Barack Obama and the National Science Foundation.

EEC 111: How to Have a Competitive Advantage with Talent Management

Anita Graham is interviewed by Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC and discusses the following: Why is talent management so important to VF? What are the 3 focus areas for managing talent? What does good talent management look like? What does talent management have like impact on culture and business? How do we encourage on-going growth at VF? How do you use talent management to make a difference at VF?

EEC 110: Critical Crisis Moments

Bill Coletti is interviewed by Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC and discusses the following: How do you determine a crisis situation? How can a leader prepare for a crisis situation that could jeopardize his/her career? When a leader shows up unprepared for a crisis, what can they do? What is a crisis vs. critical moment vs. a difficult business issue? What are the skill sets of those serving leaders that make a difference in a crisis? What are the leaders greatest fear when managing a crisis?

EEC 108: How to Play Big

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC interviews Tara Mohr and talks about practical wisdom for women who want to speak up, create, and lead. Tara is an expert on women’s leadership and well-being. Some of the questions asked during this podcast are: What does it mean to play big and why are so many women playing small? Why is confidence not the answer to self-doubt/inner critic?How do we unhook from praise and criticism and why is it important for women in particular to do so? Click on the button below to listen to the full episode.

EEC 107: Develop Your Human Capital

Dr. Katrina Burrus interviews Jeffrey Magee and talks about how to develop your human capital and management and why it is so important to us. Some questions asked in this episode are: Why is human capital development and management so important to us? After being downsized from a Fortune 100 firm while in your early 20’s, what has that experience had on you and what can our viewers gain from your experience?