EEC 198: Accelerate Your Results with Ford Saeks

Ford Saeks, CSP, CPAE – Hall of Fame Speaker, is a founding member and past chair of NSA’s Million Dollar Speakers Group, he runs his own 7-figure speaking business, and has helped many well-known professional speakers, past presidents, CSP’s, CPAE’s, authors and consultants grow their businesses. From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, Saeks is widely recognized as a Business Growth Innovator.

EEC 196: What Can We Learn from a Match-Maker about Connecting with a Client?

Television host and charity fundraiser Pari Livermore is one of the nation’s most famous matchmakers. She is the author of, “How to Marry a Fabulous Man” and is best known as the host of Everybody’s Angels. She is often referred to as the Robin Hood of Matchmaking. Her matchmaking fees are contributed to non-profit organizations. Pari is currently raising funds for California Education.

EEC 195: Kill Busyness Before It Kills You with Garland Vance

Dr. Garland Vance is an author, speaker, coach, and consultant. He cofounded AdVance Leadership to help overwhelmed influencers and leaders live with purpose, productivity, and peace. He is the author of Gettin’ (un)Busy, which Forbes named as “one of the seven books everyone on your team should read.” He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife of twenty years, Dorothy, their three kids and turtle.

EEC 194: Transforming Success into Significance with Dan Clark

CPAE Dan Clark is founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar international communications company; University Professor; High Performance Business Coach; Alumnus of the University of Utah (Psychology); Podcast Host; Gold Record Songwriter; Film Maker; an Award Winning Athlete who fought his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career; New York Times Best Selling Author of 36 books; a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup For The Soul series; and was named 2012 Utah Father of the Year.

EEC 192: What Is the Link Between Entrepreneurship, Relationships and Sex? with Joli Hamilton

Dr. Joli Hamilton is a research psychologist, best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and AASECT (pronounced ay-sect) certified sex educator. She has spent the past two decades balancing a wild entrepreneurial spirit with a deep desire to have a secure, passionate partner (and she raised 7 kids along the way!). Dr. Joli is committed to helping people create sustainable, soul-nourishing relationships without sacrificing their career dreams.