EEC 150: From Showbiz to Rockstar Speaking: How to Compete in a Saturated Market

Jennifer Lier founded National Keynote Speakers in 2015, the most progressive speakers bureau in the country. She quickly caught the attention of large bureaus around the country and was recruited to join the Executive Speakers Bureau team in 2019. Today she is an expert in the speaking industry and is treasured by her clients. Aside from assisting clients with their speaker selections, Jennifer’s also uses her expertise to help speakers build, brand and grow their speaking careers.

EEC 149: How Losing Your Job Can Leave to a Dream Lifestyle

Jim Palmer is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert.  For the last 30 years, Jim and his wife Stephanie were predictable, living a modest life in suburban Philadelphia where they raised four children.  In 2016, Jim and Stephanie traded predictable for adventurous and exciting.  They sold their home of 30 years to live on their boat full time and only then did Jim truly leverage his Dream Business to live his Dream Lifestyle. 

EEC 148: How to Lead Without Apologizing

Kathi Kulesza began her career in corporate America in the hospitality industry where she gave 22 years of service to her customers and employees. She spent her early years as a first-time manager waiting for the perfect moment to participate in the conversation, feeling like an imposter not deserving of her position or a seat at the table, and apologizing every time she received accolades.