Are you brilliant and ambitious leaders but frustrated with a lack of employee engagement and are ready to inspire your teams. With our 7-step coaching process and your brilliance, you will inspire your team to excel. If you are taking on a new position and want to avoid falling into the 40% that fail after 18 months, our coaching process will support you in excelling in your new role or position and do so quickly and more productively. Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC is the lead coach at Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, US and MKB Conseil & Coaching, Switzerland. She has a proven track record in coaching global leaders in multinationals (Nestle, Novartis, CERN, UNAIDS, United Nations to name a few).

Excellent Executive Coaching Podcast

EEC 216: Power to Say No and Get More Done!

Emily Ransone loves to say she is enjoying a very multi-faceted career these days. As a business owner, EOS® Implementer (business coach), Peer Group Facilitator with Twelve Mavens, published author, sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, and active community volunteer, Emily has developed a passion for helping clients, friends and colleagues get more of what they want from life.

EEC 213: Coaching Below the Surface: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with LaTonya Wilkins

LaTonya Wilkins is the founder of The Change Coaches and Author of Leading Below the Surface. She partners with executives, upwardly mobile professionals, and teams to build cultures of belonging through highly customized coaching and learning experiences. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and has inspired audiences all over the world. She built her career working in HR, talent management and learning & development at Fortune 500 companies before teaching and taking on progressive leadership roles at the University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business.

EEC 212: How Facial Coding Can Even Tell You If a President is Likely to Succeed or Fail with Dan Hill

Dan Hill, PhD, is the author of nine books, including Emotionomics, which was an Advertising Age top 10 must-read selection and features a foreword by Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons. In 1998, Dan founded Sensory Logic, Inc. whose clients represent over 50% of the world’s top 100 advertisers. Dan pioneered the use of facial coding in business to capture and quantify consumer responses and has 7 U.S. patents for scoring methods for the tool The Economist has dubbed central to the “emerging facial-industrial complex.”

EEC 211: Powerful, Persuasive Presentations with Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp helps leaders, engineers, and technical experts develop presentations that drive results. She is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, and sales presentation skills expert. Her online learning program, Powerful, Persuasive Presentations, is embraced as a “must-have” by speakers and companies worldwide. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote that learning presentation skills from Patricia Fripp is one of the best ways to invest in you.

EEC 210: Do You Have GRIT? (Hint – It’s not your typical grit!) with Laurie Sudbrink

Laurie Sudbrink is a leadership expert and author and has seen effective leadership that makes people want to step up and do more. She has also seen down-right terrible leadership that only inspires people to tell stories of the monstrous boss they have! Laurie developed the GRIT® system (Generosity, Respect, Integrity and Truth), which has participants to take control of their own happiness and productivity at work.

EEC 208: Sell with Love with Finka Jerkovic

Finka Jerkovic is an author, international speaker, workshop leader and coach. As President of FINKA Communications Inc., she consults with clients in areas of personal branding, leadership, sales, client experience and employee engagement. She brings over two decades of experience in corporate Canada in the financial services industry, with an expertise in sales, leadership, communication, and coaching.

EEC 206: Have More Bang for Your Book, Making Informed Publishing Decisions with Milli Brown

Ms. Brown forged a New Era in Publishing® in 1994 by launching a fiercely independent publishing house with an innovative business model that is now recognized by the industry as The First Hybrid Publisher. Milli Brown’s commitment to authors–building successful relationships and developing award-winning books for those who wish to retain the rights to their intellectual property—is the cornerstone of her company.