Are you a brilliant and ambitious leader who is frustrated with a lack of employee engagement? Are you looking to better communicate your strategy? Do you want to inspire your team and fast track your leadership to success? With our 7-step coaching process and your brilliance, you will be able to achieve this successful transformation. If you are taking on a new leadership position and want to avoid falling into the 40% that fail after 18 months, our coaching process can assure you a successful integration. We will support you as you ease into your new role, allowing you to do so quickly and productively. Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC is the lead coach at Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, US and MKB Conseil & Coaching, Switzerland. She has a proven track record in coaching global leaders in multinationals (Nestle, Novartis, CERN, UNAIDS, and the UN, to name a few).

Dr. Katrina Burrus, woman executive coach in Las Vegas

EIL34:Unlocking the Potential of AI: A Game-Changer for Executive Coaches with Samiur Rahman,Heyday

AI can enhance the coaching experience, automate mundane tasks, and provide valuable support to coaches. The challenge for coaches in incorporating AI into their practice lies in finding the right balance between leveraging technology and maintaining the human touch. While AI can automate mundane tasks and provide valuable insights, it cannot replace the deep level…