Are you a brilliant and ambitious leader who is frustrated with a lack of employee engagement? Are you looking to better communicate your strategy? Do you want to inspire your team and fast track your leadership to success? With our 7-step coaching process and your brilliance, you will be able to achieve this successful transformation. If you are taking on a new leadership position and want to avoid falling into the 40% that fail after 18 months, our coaching process can assure you a successful integration. We will support you as you ease into your new role, allowing you to do so quickly and productively. Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC is the lead coach at Excellent Executive Coaching LLC, US and MKB Conseil & Coaching, Switzerland. She has a proven track record in coaching global leaders in multinationals (Nestle, Novartis, CERN, UNAIDS, and the UN, to name a few).

EIL 14: From a Rugby Player to the CEO of Lagudi Fresh Food Group in Las Vegas with Paul Lagudi

Paul Lagudi, a former professional Rugby Player turned entrepreneur, is the founder and president of the multi-million dollar Lagudi Fresh Food Group based in Las Vegas. He started his Produce company with just $30,000 and grew it into a million-dollar success within three years. Paul is a published author, having contributed to the book “Breaking…

EIL 12: Inside Amazon: The Secret Behind Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s Global Success with Brian Dumaine, Bezonomics

  Brian Dumaine is an award-winning journalist and a contributing editor at Fortune magazine. His  book, “Bezonomics: How Amazon Is Changing Our Lives and What the World’s Best Companies Are Learning From It”, takes an unbiased look at Amazon’s increasingly dominant business model, the competitors either imitating or trying to outfox the company, and the…

Dr. Katrina Burrus, woman executive coach in Las Vegas

EEC 268: How to Think Differently About Your Business, with Bill Stainton

For 15 years, innovation expert and Hall of Fame speaker Bill Stainton produced the longest-running, highest-rated, and most award-winning regional comedy TV show in the United States—winning 29 Emmy Awards in the process. Today he helps smart leaders think differently about their business so that they can see new possibilities for their challenges and opportunities.